Whether you’re moving homes or rearranging your living room, transporting a recliner chair can be a daunting task. Given their weight and mechanical components, moving them requires care to avoid damage or injury. On this page are some steps to ensure you safely move and transport your beloved chair.

  1. Begin with Preparation: Before moving the chair, ensure you remove any loose items from its pockets or crevices. If your recliner has detachable parts like cushions or armrests, remove them to make the moving process smoother. This will not only make the chair lighter but also reduce the chances of anything getting damaged or lost.


  1. Secure the Moving Parts: The reclining mechanism can get damaged if it suddenly activates while moving. Depending on your chair type, you might be able to lock the reclining function. If not, consider using moving straps or tape to keep the chair in its upright position securely.


  1. Enlist Help: Recliners are bulky, and moving them solo can be challenging. It’s safer and more efficient to have a helping hand or two. Together, you can ensure the weight is evenly distributed, minimizing the risk of dropping or damaging the chair.


  1. Plan Your Path: Before lifting the chair, plan the route you’ll take. Ensure ton this page’s enough space to move around, especially in tight corners or doorways. Remove any potential obstacles in the path, such as rugs, toys, or other furniture, to avoid tripping or stumbling.


  1. Lift Correctly: When lifting the recliner, bend at your knees and not your waist. This technique uses your leg muscles, which are stronger than your back muscles, reducing the risk of injury. Keep the chair close to your body, and move slowly and steadily.


  1. Use Equipment If Available: If you have a dolly or moving straps, use them. They can greatly reduce the strain of moving a heavy item like a recliner chair. A dolly can help you wheel the chair to its new location, while moving straps can distribute the weight more evenly between you and your helper.


In wrapping up, moving a recliner chair can be straightforward and safe if done correctly. The key lies in preparation, using the right techniques, and seeking help when needed. By following these steps, you’ll ensure your chair reaches its new spot without a scratch, ready for you to recline and relax once more.